Party Rules

These party rules may be considered by some to be overly restrictive. They’re not.

Over the years, we’ve seen pretty much everything. Every crowd has the potential to harbor predators, troublemakers, and other dangerous individuals. Our rules are there to minimize the danger should someone show up whose intentions are other than good. We know that some of them seem draconian, but trust us: Every one has been needed at one time or another.

Willfully violating our party rules will get you removed from the party, and prevent you from attending any other Barfleet party in the future.

Our job is to throw fun and safe parties for semi-responsible adults, not to provide an arena for the less savory sort of convention goers to prey upon others. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. We’re just doing all the worrying so you don’t have to.

Official Barfleet Command Party Rules:

  1. Guests must be 21 or over, with valid government-issued photo identification to enter this party. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. To enter this party, guests may also be required to show their convention-issued identification prior to admission, if required by the rules of the convention.
  3. No drinks are permitted into the party, and no drinks are permitted out of the party. For the safety of all guests and crew, no beverages may be brought into this party, and all drinks served within this party must be consumed or disposed of prior to leaving this party.
  4. No cameras, camera phones, or any other recording devices may be used by any guest inside the party. If a guest is found using a camera of any kind, or any other recording device, that guest will be removed from the party. Barfleet reserves the right to remove photos or other recordings of this party from said devices. Barfleet Staff are not guests, and may carry and use such devices.
  5. If you enter this party, it is likely that you will be photographed by Barfleet personnel for publication on Barfleet’s web site. If you do not wish your likeness to be used in publication, do not enter this party.
  6. This party may provide entertainment that would be considered “adult-oriented.” If this is not appropriate by your own personal standards, you may choose to leave at any time.
  7. If you wish to bring alcohol to this party, you must give this alcohol to the bar staff upon entry, and only Barfleet designated bar staff may dispense this alcohol. Any alcohol brought into this party by a guest is considered a donation, and is thereby property of Barfleet Enterprises, Inc. Barfleet reserves the right to remove from this party any guest found to be in possession of his or her own alcohol who refuses to donate it.
  8. Our bar staff must act as law requires, and may refuse to serve any person that Barfleet Staff believes has exceeded his or her tolerance for adult beverages.
  9. Barfleet reserves the right to remove from this party any guest that behaves in any fashion that would be illegal, or any guest that fails to comply with the rules presented here, or the instructions of any member of the staff.