Crew Uniforms

The officers of Barfleet recognized early on that standard Starfleet uniforms would never do in the kind of environment we wanted to create. The official uniform worn by officers at the time of our “secession” was functional and stylish, but the heavy red wool jacket and turtleneck shirt arrangement was hotter than hell in July and a real bitch to get out of in a hurry. Many of the crew also complained of boot-related injuries during sustained periods of zero-G. In response to these challenges, and to further distance ourselves from the stuffy and over regulated world we had left behind, we produced a new set of uniform standards for use by the crew.

Barfleet Uniform Classes

Class Description Usage
Unlimited Class Starfleet Issue Never Used
Class “A” Smoking Jackets Officers Only
Class “B” Bathrobe with slippers Standard Duty Uniform
Class “C” Swimwear with towel Shaving required
Class “D” Lingerie or equivalent Use by men is discouraged
Class “E” Nothing at all Discretionary privilege