Rules for Slack

Head Admins for Slack: Uisge Tango Foxtrot, D.S. Dat’ass, Commodore Erickson

Who can be made an admin?

Only Uisge, Dat’ass, or the Commodores can approve a new admin. In the event of a new admin, Dat’ass should be notified.

Communications officers are also admins. Other admins can only be created on a case-by-case basis.

Channel Rules:

  1. Chat-nanigans is the only official channel for open chat between the ships.
  2. Captains are responsible for setting the rules for how they would like their ship’s chat channel used.
  3. All planning channels are considered official channels as they’re needed for budgeting and event planning and our archiving abilities are limited. Please limit contributions to actual planning and suggestions. If there was something you enjoyed at another event, please tell us, but only if you want to help plan for it to happen again.
  4. I-need-an-adult is for questions regarding the use of Slack.
  5. Announcements is for official schedule announcements, which are automatically generated.
  6. Private channels shall not be created without leaving an admin in the group.