Inquiries – Prospective Ships

Help us launch ships near you!

If you live in an area with some decent-sized conventions, or just some small ones that don’t suck, contact us and we’ll talk. If not, it may be a bit more problematic. It’s hard to create a chapter of a group dedicated to throwing convention parties when there are no local conventions in the first place.
We are slowly expanding from our core area in the Midwest. Our goal is to expand intelligently from the areas we’re already in. We don’t think it would be wise or in our best interests to just start throwing chapters all over the country. We would like new chapters to be within driving distance of existing chapters – 3 to 6 hours travel – in order to ensure consistency and provide proper guidance to new groups. In other words, we don’t really expect to have a group on the west coast or in the southern states any time soon.

You can also always contact us on Facebook or Twitter!

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