Fleet BarDate

Bar-Date is the official date and time system used by Barfleet. Bar-Date system is losly based on the Star Trek Next Generation stardate.

As you may or may not have noticed, all Stardates mentioned throughout these pages are totally bogus, from an actual Trek point of view. Rather than try to interpret canon dates and translate them, we’ve taken the infinitely simpler route of bastardizing real-time dates into a Trek format. Thus, Christmas Day, 1995 at 1:05pm would become Bardate 19512.25.13.05 .The “1” at the beginning is just there to add more digits. We think it makes the dates so much more impressive.

Year Month . Day . Hour . Minutes
195 12 . 25 . 13 . 05

We apologize to any die hard fans who may take offense to this dating practice. However, if that’s the only thing about Barfleet you take offense to, then we’re really doing quite well, eh?