Departments within Barfleet help separate individual duties and personal desires. All crew members join a department in which to learn and grow. Each department has different specialities and task to accomplish.

Departments Description
»Tag: Red
Has the responsibilities of overseeing all activities that his department is connected with. The rights of a Commander are almost limitless, as are the powers of the rank. Commanders are, however, required to be generally fun at all times, lest he anger the Commodore, which may be cause for accidental death or dismemberment.

Skills Required
Crazy enough to accept the promotion

Dedicated Roles:
» Intelligence; There are advantages to being part of the Crew. Those advantages diminish if we can’t tell the difference between Crew and guests. Intelligence is in charge of checking Crew into the party, signing up new members, Crew renewals and merchandise parties.

Skills Required
Stay sober enough during the party to read and fill out forms

» Logistics; This crew helps is responsible for moving equipment or the Battle Bar. This is a very important job that all crew should participate.

Skills Required
Able to lift 20 pounds or more

» Communications; Enquiring minds want to know what the each ship is up to. Communications helps to answer those questions with websites and other communication vehicles.

Skills Required
Ability to write interesting and engaging mission content (e.g.
mission reports, website content)
Web design and computer skills
»Tag: Blue
The medical staff makes sure party guests achieve and maintain the state of intoxication optimized to ensure maximum party enjoyment. They do this by treating party guests to the most delightful (and occasionally devilish) concoctions in the universe. It requires great skill to create these delicacies (and occasional instruments of torture). Free pour (Crew) bar shifts require actually bar tending skills. Bar back duties require being sober and / or coordinated enough to refill alcohol and mixer containers in a crowded space. Public bar shifts require looking good, pouring from our pre-mix containers, and mixing a few specific two-ingredient drinks (for example, rum and coke).

Skills Required
Bartending Skills (for Crew bar shifts)
Operating a spigot while smiling (for public bar shifts)
Counting to five (for public bar shifts)

Dedicated Roles:
» Science Department; Research and development or any specialized knowledge which benefits BarFleet.

Skills Required
Special Knowledge or Abilities
»Tag: Gold
The right party space makes all the difference – and the Engineering staff is in charge of making sure the ship and the adjoining space stations are up to the party challenge. Between missions, engineering is in charge of making sure the ship is maintained to ensure optimal recreational performance. Engineering Crew perform most of their duties before and after the parties. They are also responsible for picking up cups and taking out trash during the parties. A clean party is a safe party!

Skills Required
Toting, carrying and moving stuff before and after the party
Emptying trash and getting ice as needed during the party
Maintaining the Battle Bar, skirmish bar and any other contraptions
we decide to build
»Tag: Black
We’re a merry lot, and we keep it that way by keeping careful tabs on the party crowd. Security makes certain that nobody under age comes into the party, and that people in the party stay under control. They are also in charge of making sure the party atmosphere keeps the girls comfortable.

Skills Required
Ability to check IDs at the main door, or look for Crew badges
Ability to assist overly intoxicated people to their rooms
Be Cool
»Tag: Green
The recreation department makes sure that the party room – and the people in it – are decorated. Recreation is in charge of finding and auctioning willing people at the parties. Recreation is also in charge of food and other arrangements for our private parties.

Skills Required
Graphic Design

Dedicated Roles:
» Decibel Coordination; The Decibel Coordinators spin the tunes that keep the dance floor hopping.

Skills Required
Knowledge of current music
Ability to learn DJ software that we use to spin tunes
Ability to set up and tear down DJ equipment
Party Marine
»Tag: Camo
This department takes a lot of dedication and desire to be all you can be. Party Marines are cross-trained in Medical, Engineering, Security, and Recreation. The Indycent refers to this position as a Barines.

Skills Required
Must be cross-training and signed off by command
Very polite and promote good party atmosphere
Yo Service
»Tag: Purple
The position of Yo!Man! or Yo!Woman! is one of great honor and responsibility, and it can be granted to any member for any reason by any Senior Officer. That Yo!Man! or Yo!Woman! is then bound to said Senior Officer in ways that cannot easily be imagined, and is expected to make the Senior Officer’s welfare and pleasure their primary concerns (except when that would mean that they can’t have any fun themselves). This position is like, but shall not be confused with, slavery.

Skills Required
Must be patient and enjoy helping others