What is Barfleet? – Information

What is Barfleet, anyway?

Barfleet is many things to many people.

In the most general sense, Barfleet is a national organization whose sole mission is to provide hospitality and throw parties at science fiction, gaming and other genre-related conventions for adult convention attendees. Our local chapters also throw several private functions each year that are open to all Barfleet members and their guests.

For members, Barfleet is a reason to throw a party; a group of friends that share similar interests; responsible drinking to excess; and a massive amount of somewhat enjoyable work to throw great parties for people you hardly know at various conventions.

For guests, Barfleet is a great time and great people; music, drinks, fun, and conversation; a place to hang out and meet other convention-goers and the occasional Guest of Honor in a casual and friendly atmosphere; and a place where carefully controlled chaos and entertaining mixology come together in ways most small convention “room parties” simply can’t match.

For convention organizers, Barfleet is a dedicated group of people whose sole mission at conventions is to throw parties. We’re professionals and that’s how we handle our parties. We go to great lengths to avoid hotel hassles, prevent property damage, proactively engage convention staff before and during our events and make sure that our guests are both well entertained and reasonably safe. We’ve been doing this for many years and we’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Over the years, we’ve done everything from a single hospitality suite with a folding table as a bar to a full-blown night club with two built-in bars, dancers, and a live band. It depends on what the venue has to offer, what resources and cash we can throw at it and how many Barfleet crew members we can bring to help run things. But at any Barfleet convention party, there are two constants: There will be alcohol served and all attendees must be over 21 years of age with proper government-issued photo ID. Beyond that, we’re pretty much open to anything, within reason, and within local law.

Barfleet is full of open-minded people, and we certainly have some members whose personal lifestyles are more interesting than most of the general public’s. But that’s not who we are and that’s not what we’re about. The things we promote are entertainment, responsible drinking with proper recovery and fun.

For more information, just ask.