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UBS Casual

Welcome aboard the Uncontrolled Barship Casual, flagship of Barfleet! The Casual began its life as a standard MK IX/A Heavy Cruiser, identical in design specifications to the legendary USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) after her complete refit.  The Casual was originally the USS Athena, her hull laid down under Naval Construction Contract #1834. She was commissioned on Stardate 18410.07. Her career as a Starfleet vessel was… Read more »

History of the UBS Casual

The Origins of Barfleet Fan Club Genesis In the beginning, there was the USS Athena. The Athena was a standard Star Trek fan club, pretty much run of the mill in many ways. It was created by Rob Caine (Captain Alden Talmain) in Lakewood, Ohio in 1984. There were uniforms, meetings, charity events, movie nights,… Read more »

Cleveland ConCoction 2016

Cleveland ConCoction 2016 was an amazing weekend, and Barfleet was right there in the thick of it. Not only are there a number of Barfleet officers and crew involved in the convention itself, we hosted parties on Friday and Saturday nights, as well as hosting a wedding reception. If you were handed Anti-Scurvy during the… Read more »