WYC Indycent Public Party – 2017

21704.01. @ 21.00 – 03.00 America/New York Timezone
Wyndham Indianapolis West Hotel

“It was raining at Who’s Yer Con — a hard rain — almost hard enough to wash the con funk from the halls. But it never does. When the rain stops, night falls and the gamers slink out from their tables. That’s when our door opens and the drinkless, the desperately sober, walk through with a heart full of hope and a cup full of nothing…”

Come join us at Who’s Yer Con for the Adventures of Dixon Hill. Private dicks and hep-lookin’ broads and visitors from other worlds alike are welcome to explore the Indycent’s upgrade to the holodeck, which is highly enjoyable when used for games and recreation.

The Indycent’s holodeck is just about the same size as The Brickyard … you will barely be able to tell the difference!!
The Local Planetary Regulations will require us to take occassional excursions through The Neutal Zone to obtain samples of Inebrium and shuttle them back to the holodeck.
Universal Translation: We will be hosting the party in The Brickyard but the bar will be located in a private room across the hallway through the back door. Will will be able to bring our drinks into The Brickyard, we just cannot dispense them there 🙂

Please register for Who’s Yer Con prior to the party. It’s free!!
Click the link to register:

The Wyndham has provided WYC attendees with a special link for reservations in the WYC block at special convention pricing. Availability is limited, so don’t wait to book your room!

Hope to see you there!!
CDR Han Solo Cup, XO U.B.S. Indycent
(Shout out to LtCDR Opentu Suggestions for the intro 🙂 )


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