Delirium is Magic Second Night

21701.21. @ 21.30 – 02.00 America/New York Timezone
Novi Sheraton, 21111 Haggerty Road, Novi, MI

The UBS Delirium has visited many wonderous alien worlds and space stations during our adventures and ConFusion is one of the best we’ve visited. We’ve been notified that our annual visit to ConFusion Station will coinside with their celebration of Friendship (with a bit of an MLP spin). We’ll be participating in this celebration during our stay and hosting two nights of parties to show the locals our hospitality.

Party location: Isle RoyaleLeelanaw Cargo Bay
Cargo Bay load in time: 20:00 local time
Premeeting: 21:00 BST
Doors open to Guests: 21:30 BST
Close to guests: 01:00
Cleanup and Load out: 02:00

Since we will be utilizing a ConFusion Cargo Bay we have to load out at the end of each night.

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